The Ferry

Yesterday was my grandparents’ wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we went to this lovely restaurant called  The Ferry, in Cookham. And I loved it. The quality of the meal was great and it tasted delicious.

To start, I shared some artisan breads with flavored butter, olives, and olive and balsamic oil. My main was a small Margherita pizza and for dessert, I had a mini dessert with hot chocolate. My mini dessert was an apple and blackberry crumble and custard, and they came in the cutest little

I moved the pan with the crumble in to cover up the line slightly visible where I started to eat the icing sugar!

The jam in the crumble was perfection and the custard was not too hot, not too cold. The whole meal was just… ahhhhh. I wish I could have eaten more, however there’s only so much room in my stomach 😂 My grandma’s meat didn’t need cutting, it just kind of came away!

Not only was the food lovely, but the facilities were lovely as well. We were sat at the top, that although it was dark out, I could tell it had a beautiful view of the Thames.

And the staff. The staff were lovely. Where we were sat, there was a raised bit next to us, with a gap in between. The waiter, instead of walking through the gap, walked along the raised part. 

They were the kind of people who do more than their job. They didn’t just wait on us, they made us smile. I love those kind of people.

If you want to find out more about them, click here.

See you next time, 

Simply Grace




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