Windsor Castle

Tuesday 20/12/16

My mum and I took a train ride into Windsor to Windsor CastleIMG_1632.JPGIMG_1636.JPG

We had 1-year passes from the last time we were there, last year. You can convert any tickets you have bought directly from them into 1-year tickets. Find out more here.

We got audio guides, you can get them for free. There are adult, family and visually impaired versions in lots of languages.

The castle has a Round Tower, which you can see below, in the picture.(It isn’t actually round, it’s more oval.)


The Queen spends most of her weekends here. She prefers it to Buckingham Palace, as it is more like a home than offices.

Here are some of the other photos I took yesterday. I couldn’t take any pictures in the State Rooms or in St George’s Chapel; photography isn’t allowed, to preserve all of the things in there (flash photography can damage).

This one is a picture of St. George’s chapel, in the grounds of the castle, (my mum got in the way).img_1648img_1651img_1659img_1666img_1657img_1663img_1667img_1668img_1670

I have some videos of The Changing of the Guard, but my free version of WordPress won’t let me.

As you can see, they have done up the castle beautifully with wonderful Christmas decorations. It was truly beautiful.

I really recommend taking a trip to the castle if you’re ever in the area. I hope you appreciate its history and atmosphere.

You can read Windsor Castle’s Wikipedia page here.


See ya next time,


Simply Grace xx


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