New Year – New You

Happy New Year!

This won’t be a long post, just something to start off 2017.

2016 might not have been the best year for you. Maybe you messed up. Maybe you lost someone. Maybe you fell out with a friend and want to make up to them. Maybe nothing happened at all.

Whatever happened, this is your chance. To start again, to write a new story. Fill your head with new memories to treasure forever.

But just remember, even if you do want to start a new page, no one’s going to write it for you. The ink is in you; you have to write it.

I’m rubbish at keeping resolutions, so only keep one or two, one if you’re really bad at keeping then (be honest; people won’t judge you: they’ll probably be happy you’re keeping a resolution). Only have one or two and do the best you can to stick to them.

Like I said, it’s your chance to start again; clean the palette. Make 2017 a good year now, while it’s still easy.

So have a great year! And remember, you have to make it a great year x


Happy New Year!

Simply Grace xx


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