How To: Chocolate Shredded Wheat Cakes with Skittles

I am so sorry for not posting in absolutely AGES but like no one reads this soo… it’s not that big of a problem┬á­čśé

Anywaysss… in this post I am going to be doing my first how to.

I will be telling you how to make: Chocolate Shredded Wheat Cakes with Skittles!!!!!

  1. In a bowl, break up some chocolate. The bigger the pieces, the longer it will seem to take for the pieces to melt.IMG_0195
  2. On the hob, in a pan, heat up some water. This water will boil and become very so pleasepleaseplease be very careful!!IMG_0196
  3. Place the bowl with the chocolate on the pan, as shown in the picture. The rising heat from the water will heat up the bowl and the chocolate.IMG_0197
  4. In another bowl, break up some Shredded Wheat.IMG_0198
  5. As the chocolate is heating it, stir it as it is melting. Continue to do this until all the chocolate has melted.IMG_0199
  6. Line a cupcake tray with some cupcake cases.IMG_0200
  7. Spoon the Shredded Wheat chocolate mixture evenly into the cases. I have topped them with Skittles, but you can top them with literally ANYTHING you want.IMG_0201
  8. Finally, pop them in the fridge to cool! Don’t put them in straight away, though, leave them out for a couple of minutes and then put them, otherwise, the fridge will take away all the moisture from the chocolate. Enjoy!IMG_0202

I hope you do try these and if you do, please tag me in any social media pictures of your results!

Love y’all,

G x


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